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Cataract  refers to clouding of the natural lens in the eye. Most are age related however, some types are caused by medications, trauma or by radiation, and even others are congenital. Cataracts are removed surgically by an ophthalmologist and often yeilds amazing results.

Lens Implants

There are a variety of lens options. The most basic lens are used to correct for distance vision. The patient will often need glasses to correct any astigmatism and use a bifocal to see up close.

There are advanced technology intraocular lenses that can correct for astigmatism and near vision!

Toric IOLs - an intraocular lens that correct for astigmatism.  

Multifocal/EDOF IOLs - an intraocular lens that corrects for distance and near vision. These lenses can also correct for astigmatism. 

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